How is the EMBATUFF Thermal blanket container fitted?

• The following installation system may be even quicker, because the fixed bars are already fitted in their guide bars in the fabric of the thermal container blanket.
• The third system is the most complex of them all, because it is intended for use in taller standard containers, such as 40 ft. high cubes (HC 40’). You will need a ladder to reach the roof. However, this installation can be completed in about 20 minutes. Straps and carabiners are used in this type of assembly to lift the structure inside the container.
The telescopic bars that make up the structure are colour-coded to make assembly easier (red, yellow and blue), showing where each type of bar has to go (upper front, upper rear and lower rear).

The blue and yellow bars meet up at the back of the container (the side opposite the door).

The magnets help to fit the interior space of the fixed thermal blanket to the interior walls of the container.

You can find a simple video explaining the assembly process in the following link: https://bit.ly/3r34nwk

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