• Protection
    Thermal and anti-humidity protection
  • Isolation
    Completely isolates odours and dirt
  • Standard
    For all sizes of Dry Van containers
  • Quick and easy
    Quick and easy
    Our patented installation system takes only 5 minutes. (20 'DV)
  • Simple
    1 person to install. No tools, no ladder.
Discover the Embatuff
Discover the Embatuff
The evolution of the thermal blanket
Embatuff is a thermal container liner for shipping designed for temperature, moisture and hygienically cargo protection. For a wide range of shipments, it is a great alternative to be used instead of reefer containers reducing highly transport costs. Click on the video to see how easy and quick can be installed.
1 solution to 4 problems
  • Temperature
    It keeps the cargo at a temperature that is 10-20ºC different from that of the container. It protects flavours and chemical structures of the cargo.
  • Humidity
    It prevents condensation inside from dripping down onto the cargo. It reduces the relative inside humidity. It prevents damage caused by corrosion and mould, the weakening of boxes and the toppling over of cargo.
  • Odours
    It completely isolates cargo that gives off odour. It saves on the cost of cleaning the container
  • Dirt
    It completely isolates cargo that leaves residues It saves on the cost of cleaning the container
Save on packaging costs!
  • Food and drink
    Food and drink
    Wine / Juices / Chocolate / Packaged food / etc.
  • Chemicals
    Cosmetics / Plastics / Chemicals / etc.
  • Industrial
    Vehicles / Machinery / Glass / etc.
  • Organics
    Furs and leathers / Clothing / Fertilisers / etc.
3-minute assembly
Temperature with and without the Embatuff
Temperature with and without the Embatuff
3 models according to thickness
  • Embatuff 55
    High isolating/insulating property Ideal for humidity, odors and dirt.
  • EMBATUFF 110
    Optimal relation between strength and insulating properties. Ideal protection for temperature, humidity, odors and dirt.
  • Embatuff 130
    Maximum isolating/insulating property and robustness Ideal for temperature, humidity, odors and dirt.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an Embatuff?
    It is an isothermal cargo cover with aluminium complex that is designed for the inner lining of shipping containers.
  • What is the purpose of the Embatuff?
    Its purpose is to protect shipping exports in Dry Van containers from the extreme changes in temperature that cargo is exposed to. Those changes, as well as water condensation that forms during long journeys, may cause irreversible chemical, biological or physical damage. That could include changes in the flavour of foodstuffs, corrosion in metals, the formation of mould or damage caused by falling cardboard boxes that have been weakened by the humidity.
  • Why should we use the Embatuff?
    Shipping containers may reach temperatures of over 60ºC during the day. That temperature can fall by 15% or more during the night, which creates condensation on the walls and ceilings
    Embatuffs solve 4 situations that may occur:
    1. Damage caused by temperature
    2. Damage caused by humidity
    3. Due to completely isolating cargo from odours, products such as fertilisers and furs/leathers can be transported.
    4. Due to isolating cargo from dirt, savings are made on subsequent container cleaning costs.
    In addition to protecting, improving and safeguarding the image of the exporter and the brand, the quality of the product on arrival is ensured.

  • What guarantees and range of protection does the Embatuff offer?
    The position of the container on the ship, voyage route, time of year and the transport duration all entail a wide range of conditions.
    Due to the tests conducted in extreme conditions by certified laboratories and our practical experience in using data loggers, we can safely say that the containment temperature differs between 10-20ºC of that reached in the container.
    We can provide cost-effective data loggers that register internal conditions. Charts containing the results can be downloaded using a USB, allowing the details of temperature changes during transportation to be verified.
  • I sell under Ex Work conditions. Why should we use an Embatuff?
    Obviously there is no obligation. However, it is worth while averting risks that could damage our product image in the destination country and its consequences. It is not easy or cheap to obtain clients that are later lost due to inappropriate transportation.
    Importers are not always aware of the risks and they may take their eye off the ball in terms of sufficiently protecting cargo for transportation. Taking that into account, proposing the Embatuff solution to the client and including it in the invoice entails little effort.
    The client will positively assess the proposal before putting its valuable cargo at risk.
  • Is it difficult to install?
    The Embatuff has the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective assembly system on the market. 1 person and 3 minutes are all that is needed to get a 20-ft Dry Van container ready to protect its cargo.
  • Does it come with an installation manual?
    Our advertising flyer demonstrates the steps to take. There are also step-by-step installation videos available on the website.
    Its extreme simplicity leaves no doubt that having specialised personnel is not required. This makes the work so easy that the Embatuff is accessible to exporters and their logistics personnel.
  • What is the difference between an Embatuff 130 and a thermal blanket?
    One of the biggest differences is that the Embatuff is a comprehensive isolation and insulation system. It is a bag within a container and not a cover stuck to the walls, ceiling or door. That not only makes the solution more effective, but it also provides other advantages, such as:
    • It is reusable, which means it can be removed and reassembled in another container.
    • It isolates odours
    • It isolates dirt
    • It saves on the cost of having to wash the container after transportation
    • It is easy to assemble and it only requires 1 person, not 2 people taking 40 minutes.
    • The time and cost of assembly is 93% less
  • The Embatuff 130 in a Dry Van or refrigerated container?
    It is recommended when goods do not have to travel at a constant temperature and can withstand the variations indicated in our charts and studies.
    Many products tolerate a range of temperature variations. In these cases, the Embatuff may save around 60% of transport costs, helping companies to be more competitive in the target market.
    It is recommended for many products, such as wine, liqueurs, beers, chocolates, juices and many others.
    Furthermore, there are times when refrigerated containers are not easily available.
  • What advantages can I get from using a Embatuff?
    Taking advantage of its comprehensive protection, the exporter initially obtains:
    • A saving on packaging and protection material
    • A saving on operational packaging costs
    • Greater speed in shipping preparation.
    When the cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition, the exporter:
    • Avoids client complaints
    • Saves on unloading costs and time related to cargo falls caused by the weakening of cardboard
    • Saves on cargo reconditioning and replacement costs
    • Saves on costs and time in resending goods
    • We ensure the good quality and image of the brand in the country of destination.
  • What Embatuffs are available?
    Embatuffs are available for 20’,40’ and 40’-HC Dry Van containers. They come in 2 materials and with or without bases
    Embatuff 55 material: MET PET + PP Rete and base reinforced with LDPE (55 g/m²)
    Embatuff 130 material: MET PET + HDPE + ALUMINIUM (130 g/m²)
    *) Our company can make and adapt personalised Thermal Liners
  • Where can I buy the Embatuff?
    C&S Packaging Supplier will put you in contact with the distributor in your country or will directly send you an estimate
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