What is the EMBATUFF Thermal Liner?

The EMBATUFF thermal liner is insulating material used to line the interior of shipping containers loaded with goods that are sensitive to high or low temperatures.

It was created as a means to reduce the high costs of shipments in refrigerated systems, and to increase the availability of containers as a result of only requiring a DRY VAN dry container.

It provides a hygienic environment which protects cargo from irreversible damage caused by extreme temperatures and humidity. Among its advantages, it can be easily fitted and removed by one person in less than 10 minutes with no need for a ladder or tools.
The insulation also prevents dirt and odours from entering or leaving the cargo.
When emptying the container, simply remove the EMBATUFF and store it until you use it again. The container remains clean, saving on the usual costs of subsequent washing, and it is immediately available for shipping companies.
The EMBATUFF thermal liner is an excellent alternative to refrigerated containers, as it is reusable and consumes less energy (electricity and fuel), and helps lower pollution levels during transportation while making it more sustainable.

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