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    REDUCING shipment costs
    EXTENDING quality control up to the destination

Written by: Amadeo Vivancos - Export Manager de C&S
Written by: Amadeo Vivancos - Export Manager de C&S
Reducir costes y extender el control de calidad hasta destino
One of the consequences of the pandemic today still bears impact on the low availability of space in ships and prohibitive costs of sea shipment, which drive high import and export costs.

In 2022, the wine industry has been facing huge challenges in tackling issues like the rising costs of raw material and power, sustainability, cost-saving demands, changing or extending the use of alternative packaging materials, maintaining quality levels while remaining competitive and appealing enough to sway multiple consumer generations and their consumer trends. All this in light of a highly competitive marketplace.

Some solutions may be simpler than they seem and the value they add merits consideration and a certain level of dedication.

Passive thermal control solutions for containers will:
  • Allow transport without the use of a refrigerated system.
  • Provide increased access to conventional transport.
  • Reduce transport costs by more than 60% for either the exporter or the importer.
  • Allow goods to reach the target market with a more competitive price.
  • Preserve quality starting at the source.
  • Help reduce the CO2 footprint, given no power is required.
One example is the Embatuff Thermal Liner for Dry Van containers, which is quickly and simply installed within 5 to 10 minutes according to container size. That is all the time you need to add thermal and sanitary protection before loading the goods.

Insulation systems will withstand temperature fluctuations for a given timeframe but will not respond to a fixed resistance range. Carriers and logistics teams are usually unaware of the performance and behaviour of insulators. That is why they require initial guidance until they are able to control the performance of solutions.

The use of remote devices to track temperature, humidity, and placement with calibrated warnings and alarms, will allow quality control to be extended up to the final destination, ensuring compliance with all the requirements that your wine category deserves.

Example: Barcelona (Spain) - Shanghai (China)  

A 40’ Dry Van Container + Embatuff would cost (approximate prices): 2,500 €  Freight + Embatuff
A 40’ reefer container would cost (approximate prices): 6,800 €  Freight

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